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Before we even start the 3 stage decontamination process, we use a product called eradicate. This gives the engine compartment a deep clean, it removes grease and baked on road grime from under the hood. Then we start the process below....

Stage 1 - Firstly we use a product called avalanche, this loosens and removes road grime prior to contact washing, this also removes contaminents that may otherwise be moved around the vehicle during contact washing. A foam lance is then used to cover the car in this product loosening and removing traffic film and road grime. It is then jet washed ready for stage 2...

Stage 2 - Secondly we use a product called iron out, this is then sprayed all over the car this is an intensive iron-contaminate and fallout remover that safely and effectively removes the tiny pieces of ferrous shrapnel that can imbed itself into practically any surface. Iron out targets and dissolves these iron paticles before significant damage to your vehicle can occur. Iron out is advanced PH neutral, reactive gel formula that specifically targets only iron - based contamination. It also contains strong degreasing agents to help loosen road films, making it a powerful force in our decontamination process...

Stage 3 - The final stage of our decontamination process is a product called obli 'TAR' ate. This product is a tar and glue remover, a solvent based formula that quickly dissolves contamintaion on contact, removing even the most stubbourn tar and glue residues without damaging the underlying finish. Using this product minimizes the possibility of marring and scratching the paintwork. 

Stage 4 - Once all of the above have been done to prevent any dirt being pushed around the paintwork at wash stage, then this product is used, it needs little explantion... It is a lusciously thick foam lather that is wax and sealant safe, PH neutral, highly concentrated lubricants and nothing else. Combined with a good car wash technique, this translates into swirl preventing lubricity, strong cleaning power, residue free rinsing.

Stage 5 - Once the car has been washed and thoroughly dried we use this product, it is the perfect all in one cleaner polish, enriched with pure Brazilian No 1 Carnauba wax, it deep cleans the painwork and adds a protective layer of carnauba wax in one simple step. Tripple removes stubbourn oxidation and contamination using deep cleansing solvents, whilst gently refining the paints surface to a high gloss finish with fast acting fine diminishing abrasives. It also leaves behind  ultra slick film formers to help obscure and glaze minor defects, whilst laying down T1 Grade Carnauba wax to protect and lock in the shine. 

Aqua coat - This product is used after the vehicles  first maintenece wash. Aqua coat adds a protective layer of Si02 coating to all exterior surfaces at wash stage. The instant effects of this product and amazing, just watch the water beading on all surfaces!!! 

Other products are used such as 'REVIVE' this brings back to life the exterior plastics, this darkens and restores colours to the plastic trim,  or a product called 'SPRITZ' is used to clean and protect the interior plastics. Dressle is used on the engine bay after it's been cleaned.... Now you have an idea of the effort and expense we go to to keep our cars in pristine condition and thus protecting them for 6-12 months. Any questions please give us a call.... 


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All of our cars are valeted using Auto Finesse products! 

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